The world’s only editing software dedicated to clarity and brevity.

WordRake removes unnecessary words, enlivens your sentences, and makes strong writers stronger. Just click the “rake” button and watch WordRake’s proofreading software suggest edits tighten and clarify your writing, right within Microsoft Word or Outlook.

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  • Beyond grammar

    WordRake declutters sentences and clarifies meaning.

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    As quick and easy as a standard spell-check.

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    Edit instantly without leaving Word or Outlook.

More About WordRake

New York Times bestselling author, Gary Kinder, has taught over 1,000 writing programs to law firms, corporations, universities, and government agencies. In 2012, Gary and his team of engineers created WordRake, the only software in the world that edits text for clarity and brevity to give professionals more confidence when they write to clients and colleagues. Backed by seven U.S. patents, WordRake was recently hailed as "Disruptive Innovation" by Harvard Law School.

"I raked a 25-page operating agreement in 30 seconds, resulting in 60 insertions and 140 deletions. WordRake is perfect for anyone who wants their writing to be less verbose and more persuasive."

- George E. Leloudis, American Bar Association

"It’s a comfort knowing I can just write, without agonizing over it like I usually do, and then 'rake' my text with WordRake. WordRake’s suggestions are so quick and succinct, and they add punch to my writing."

- Roberta Johnson, Director, Office of Student Financial Aid, Iowa State University